Day 3 of StarEast – Orges are like Web Services (Part 1 – The Keynotes)

The Tutorials are over and now the key notes and speaker sessions have begun. Here is a brief overview of some of the keynotes and presentations that I attended and what I was able to extract from them.

Keynote 1 – Testing Dialogues – In the Executive Suite – James Whittaker(Microsoft).

(snippet from his PowerPoint presentation)

• Consider that your …

–Finances, credit and tax information
–Travel documents and records

–Traffic violations and criminal history

–Citizenship, travel history and visa information

–Medical records
–Organization membership information

• …are all stored in and processed by software

The main objective was to express that as software becomes integrated even more into our daily routines and life processes we must realize that Quality cannot be sacrificed and we need to adapt, learn and constantly be ready to change/grow to face the challenges of maintaining Quality in today’s software model.

It is time for Innovation to occur and as an industry we need to move toward improving these skills, tools and processes that we currently use into something bigger, better and more universal. As systems grow the integration between products, companies and people will grow, and Quality is everyone‘s responsibility.

Testing Lessons Learned from Extreme Programmers – by Elisabeth Hendrickson (Quality Tree Software)

Extreme Programming or commonly known as XP is widely known as an Agile Practice that is sometimes a combined process between other Agile Methodologies like Lean and Scrum. The main focus between XP is very developer focused however the message was that it does not have to be a Developer Only work cycle but one in which the QA(Tester) and the Developer can live in a world of harmony where they both equally contribute to the testing and insurance of quality of the product.

Speaking from experience in which I work for an Agile team that implements both XP process and Scrum, I can say this has created highly testable and quality code. Building quality as a team from the ground up with the turn around time of minutes and hours for bugs instead of days and weeks really helps the feeling of productivity and self worth, and makes a very happy team dynamic.

More information about Extreme Programming can be found here:


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